Debashree Dutta (Jeena)

Administrative Manager

Debashree Dutta (Jeena) has been a part of Pain InstaCare since September 2017. This is her first time working in the healthcare industry and in her words, “I love what I do. Pain Instacare provides me with the scope of learning and understanding the healthcare business in the most detailed way I could have hoped for.” She has a degree in Public Relations and also has a few years of experience in teaching elementary school. Coming from a diverse background, she has taken her role as an Asst. Administrative Manager as a challenge and has spent the past months learning different aspects of the business. She says, “I continue to perform at my potential best. And I believe in constantly learning and growing as a professional individual.”



Amber Gray

Practice Manager

“Professional growth is not just a mere chance. It is a combination of hard work, intelligence and loyalty towards your organization”, says Amber Gray. She started her career in the healthcare industry over 3 years ago with Dr. Rajan Gupta and has been an integral part of the practice ever since. Starting out as a receptionist, then gradually working her way up to being a practice manager, has been a very rewarding experience for her.  She shares the same vision as Dr. Gupta, to be able to grow the practice in the United States and internationally.  At every step of her professional life, she has been dedicated and applied herself to the utmost. She has an in-depth knowledge of billing and coding, with significant hands on experience as a medical assistant. She aspires to pursue nursing and is well on her way to achieve it.



Kamaljit Singh (KJ)

Assistant Billing Manager

Kamaljit Singh (KJ) has been with Pain Instacare since June 2017 and is now working as the Assistant Billing Manager for the practice. Kj is a young professional individual who is currently studying engineering and computer science. He started his career early and has acquired significant experience in billing and coding. KJ says, “I love working with Dr. Rajan Gupta. He has given me the opportunity to learn something new and interesting outside my stream of education.” He believes that his time with the practice has given him a new perspective towards his career and he intends on pursuing a career in the healthcare industry.


Ojaswin Jain

Digital Manager

Ojaswin Jain has been a part of Pain InstaCare since July 2017. This is his first time working in the healthcare industry. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and has experience as a coder. He started out as an intern but has since participated in multiple aspects of the practice including but not restricted to digital marketing, database management etc. and also developed a system to reorganize all older patient records digitally to help carry the practice forward to the new address.